Day 11-28 of 31 Vegetable Challenge, hope for a sourdough starter and Seville Orange and Cardamom Gin kit

So, finally I’ve got around to an update on my 31 Vegetables Challenge for January on this blog. Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans … so I’ve not done very well documenting this challenge on here, because it’s taken me rather a long time to prepare and cook a new vegetable every day!  I realised that I had largely got stuck in a rut with my cooking of late. Although I use a wide range of vegetables, as I have a Riverford Organic Box delivered weekly, they often end up as mixed roasted vegetables …and that’s not very exciting to photograph.  So I’ve had numerous of my cookery books down from the shelves to pour over and scoured the internet for recipes containing the ingredients I’d already got in the fridge. But it turns out, as I’ve reviewed this as a list this morning, that I still roasted many of the vegetables … but perhaps a little more creatively!! 

Contents of a Riverford Organic Farmers veg box

AND I have not missed a day so far this month – the whole story has all been documented on Facebook at #31vegetablechallenge – Stephanie Day Rhodes

So to summarise, since I last posted I have cooked and eaten the following vegetables: (recipe in the photo caption – although most often I modified slightly, which of you are interested is documented in the FB posts – and there are links to each Facebook post under each vegetable’s photograph)

Day 11 – Red Cabbage

Day 12 – Carrot

Day 13 – Swede

Day 14 – Romano Pepper

Day 15 – Cauliflower

Day 16 – Cavolo Nero (Black Kale)

Day 17 – Parsnip

Day 18 – Beetroot

Day 19 – Tomato

Day 20 – Romaine Lettuce

Day 21 – Sweet Potato

Day 22 – Potato

Day 23 – Rocket

Day 24 – Savoy Cabbage

Day 25 – Leek

Day 26 – Daikon radish or Mooli

Day 27 – Cucumber

Day 28 – Jerusalem Artichokes

Day 29 ….

… I’m still debating what will be today’s vegetable. But having decided to carry on for the rest of the year with a lesser challenge – 365 different plants eaten – it feels less of a finale.

Besides, it can’t be too involved as this evening I’m planning on making my first batch of Sevile Orange and Cardamom Gin which is a recipe I’ve had my eye on for months, since I received “Sour” by Mark Diacono for my birthday in June. You have a proper seasonal wait for Seville Oranges which makes it all the more exciting.

Just need get the gin out now. The smell is amazing!

And my sourdough starter purchase from Hobbs House Bakery is hopefully getting active this afternoon. It’s part of a batch that’s been on the go for 65 years, but has sat in my fridge unopened since before Christmas. It said on the leaflet that would be OK so fingers crossed. Hobbs House Bakery bread is available online and is amazing. Worth the delivery charge if you have a freezer or eat a lot of bread and sourdough keeps very well. I decided their bread was so good, and my starter at home so unsuccessful, I’d invest in some of their magic. The older the starter the more stable it is. Here’s hoping.

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